Considering separation?

Making decisions about the future of your relationship can be draining, confusing and distressing.  Your well-being will determined by your individual experience but, no doubt, powerful emotions are at play.   At the same time, you may be overwhelmed by uncertainties particularly about your finances, your home and your children.  The difficulty of making decisions can be compounded by many factors:

  1. the struggle to access reliable and unbiased information about the legal process;
  2. the emotional upheaval of separation which makes it difficult to think clearly or focus on your long-term goals;
  3. your confidence may have been shaken by the circumstances of your relationship or limited by your life experience; and
  4. you may be agonising as to the potential impact of separation on your children.

How Byron Mediation can help

Most people need help with finalising their property and parenting arrangements when they separate.   If you do need help, a mediator is the person most likely to be able to reduce the financial and emotional cost of separation.  Elsewhere on this webpage, Liz explained the benefits of mediation (insert link) and the mediation process (see link).  The following table compares the benefits of mediation when compared to litigation:

*** Liz to email draft table for Nora to improve upon.  And the following additional 2 points need to be added to the table:

  1. coaching to help you communicate with your ex-partner about immediate parenting or financial issues;
  2. improving your communication with your spouse which will help reduce conflict around your children;

The service is not about obtaining legal advice.  It is about providing information, guidance, support and giving you the tools to work through your priorities.