For many families, the importance of grandparents to both their adult children and their grandchildren is “a no-brainer”. The wider community understands the significance of grandparents and this is reflected in the Family Law Act 1975 which acknowledges “the importance of children having a relationship with their grandparents.” 

As their adult children move through their separation, grandparents frequently provide emotional and practical support. This involvement is likely to be far more extensive if an adult child is under financial stress and needs help with accommodation, childcare or expenses such as legal fees.

An adult child may be fortunate to have a parent who they can talk to and who can provide sound advice. In giving this advice, grandparents are often in a unique position - they want what's best for the grandchildren but they are in less turmoil than their adult child.

If you are a grandparent who would like to know more about the laws that apply to separation and divorce, division of property and arrangements for children, I can provide you with this information. An important piece of information is understanding the mediation process, its advantages and its ability to reduce the impact of conflict on children.