Improving co-parenting and revisiting parenting arrangements

Co-parenting may flounder when circumstances change such as when a parent repartners or when parenting arrangements no longer suit a child's best interests. Choice of school, extracurricular activities, parenting schedules or visits with extended family are just some of the issues that might need fine-tuning or more significant changes. Parents may stumble along with unsatisfactory parenting arrangements for a variety of reasons:

  1. You and your ex-partner have poor communication and you don't want to worsen a situation already plagued by unsatisfactory interactions; or
  2. You previously tried to change existing parenting schedules or other aspects of co-parenting without success; or
  3. A previous experience with the family law system has left you emotionally and financially drained; or
  4. You don't want to "rock-the-boat" when communication with your ex-partner has finally reached a more comfortable level. 

If any of these situations sounds familiar, then mediation can be a positive way to bring about change. Just as powerfully, mediation can improve communication with your ex-partner helping your children thrive. To learn more about the mediation process, please refer to the link.