Reducing the emotional and financial cost of separation by mediating parenting, property and financial arrangements

At its core, family law mediation is about reducing conflict and allowing ex-partners to reach their own agreements without strangers deciding their future. Reducing conflict will save time and money. Reducing conflict makes it possible to recover emotionally, adjust to changing circumstances and communicate about parenting. Reducing conflict and cooperative parenting benefits children and that’s why mediation is the best pathway for many parents.
— Liz Rankin of Byron Mediation

What path is best for you and your family? Let's look at the options...

Coming to arrangements about the future does not have to be ugly, it does not have to be expensive, nor does it have to tear you apart emotionally. However, this depends on some important choices. What process will you follow and who will accompany you on this journey?

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Mediate to improve co-parenting or change existing arrangements

Children grow and change, parents repartner and blended families are formed. These new circumstances often require parents to have some difficult conversations. Byron Mediation can help if your existing parenting arrangements or orders are not working and if co-parenting is floundering.

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What is mediation, how does it work and does it suit your needs?

Byron Mediation, Photo of Liz Rankin mediator

Hi, my name is Liz Rankin. I previously worked as a solicitor for nearly a decade before turning to mediation as a less adversarial way to resolve parenting and property disputes. I am a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner registered with the Attorney-General's Department and I can issue section 60I certificates. For simplicity, I refer to myself as a mediator because saying I am "a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner" is way too long a job title! 

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